58th General Assembly-Congress in Dubai, 10-19 May 2003

The Board of Directors, Chiefs of Delegations and Delegates, Presidents of the Technical Committees, Chiefs of Liaison Offices and several other CISM members and dignities met at the 58th General Assembly and 2nd Congress in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The main subjects discussed during the General Assembly  were related to the 3rd Military World Games in Catania, Italy (13-20 September 2003), candidates for the organisation of the 4th Military World Games in 2007, and to CISM’s strategic planning and annual business plan.

One of the important activities during the General Assembly was the (re)election of key members in CISM's organisation. Three of the four CISM Vice-President positions and several Board of Directors were elected.

Jamaica, Afghanistan, Serbia and Eritrea, joined CISM as New Member Nations which brings CISM to a total of 127 member nations.

It was the first time that the General Assembly was organised in a Persian Golf country. The UAE has been a member of CISM since 1973, and has already organised World Military Parachuting Championships in 1981, 1985 and 2001.

Opening Ceremony and Dinner took place
at the Jumeira Beach Hotel

Newspaper Article from the Gulf News

Four countries given membership

Jamaica, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Serbia Montenegro join CISM as Congress, General Assembly end

 The 58th Congress and General Assembly of the International Military Sports Council (CISM) concluded yesterday accepting the membership for new four countries.

 It also elected three vice presidents from three continents and the board members. The assembly was held yesterday at the Dubai Renaissance Hotel, which has been hosting the meetings of the CISM from the first day.

 Colonel Robert Eggermont, Secretary General of the CISM, at the conclusion of the assembly said at a press conference yesterday: "The consent of the four new members is the most important thing of the general assembly.
 "Jamaica, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Serbia Montenegro were accepted members with an absolute majority of the general assembly votes.
 "All four are from different continents and they passed through war and difficult times in the last years, but they are now our members.
 "The countries which were fighting among each other in the past will now compete under slogan 'Sports for Peace and Friendship'."

 Three vice-presidents

 He said the three vice-presidents and the board members were also elected with an absolute majority.

 The three vice-presidents are: Brigadier General Isidore Popowych from Canada representing Americas, Major General Souhail Khoury from Lebanon representing Asia, and Colonel Léon De Wulf from Belgium representing Europe.
 The board members are: Col Lesego Mothlathledi from Botswana representing Africa, Lieutenant General Richard E. Brown from the U.S. representing Americas, Air Marshal R.C. Mahadik from India representing Asia, Brig. General Johann Pucher from Austria and Col Jan Petrovic from Slovakia, both representing Europe, and Colonel André Therry from Belgium was elected Treasurer General.
 Eggermont was happy with the success of the 58th congress and general assembly held in Dubai.

 Most successful

 He said: "Despite the war in Iraq and the tough conditions the area passed through, the UAE accepted to host the 58th congress and I can say it was one of the most successful congresses in the CISM's 55-year history."
 He thanked the UAE military officials for their warm reception and excellent hospitality for all the CISM family during their stay in Dubai.

 Colonel Gianni Gola, the CISM President, summarising the meeting, said it had excellent organisation. The media coverage especially in newspapers was marvellous.
 "I didn’t see a daily coverage for the CISM Congress in any country of the world like I saw in the UAE during this congress."
He said there was a very good hosting and nice leisurely programme were presented.
 "On Friday we visited new places which we couldn't visit had we held the congress in another country.
 "We accepted last year to divide the 58th CISM assembly into two parts, the first for the congress and the second for the general assembly. It succeeded and we will do the same in the coming years.

 Schedule in place

 "We have got now a commercial partner and we hope we will get more in the future. We have our schedule in place for the coming tournaments in 2003 and the coming years. The Third Military World Games will be held in, Catania, Italy, from September 13-20.
 "We are happy to be in Dubai, UAE, although the Gulf area is passing through difficult times due to the war in Iraq.
 "But holding the congress without delay for any reason, was our main objective to get-together the military members and army staff from all over the world in a peaceful atmosphere, speaking only one language to maintain peace and friendship."