History of the International Military Sports Council (CISM)

The International Military Sports Council was established on February 18, 1948. The five founding countries were Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

CISM's goal is to develop enduring relations between the armed forces of the world in the field of sport and training. Its motto is: "Friendship through sport".

Its activities are two-pronged: sports championships and scientific conventions. CISM has organised hundreds of sporting events and scientific meetings, which have brought together thousands of athletes and public officials.

Over time, CISM has grown tremendously. From five member nations in 1948, it grew to 21 in 1956, 85 in 1984 and finally, 123 in 2002. As a result, the Council has gone through many structural changes.

The senior body is the General Assembly, made up of representatives of all the member countries. The assembly sets the policy and elects the executive committee. It meets once a year.

At the head is the elected President (Colonel Gola - Italy). The General Secretariat, with headquarters in Brussels, is the administrative and permanent executive body of the CISM. It is headed by Colonel Eggermont, Belgium.

There are also 26 standing technical committees, one for each sport listed in the CISM permanent sports roster. These committees oversee all aspects related to military sports.

CISM History

CISM was born on 18th February 1948 in Nice (France), just after the World War II. It symbolises a military organisation that, above all, wants to contribute to the keeping of peace by bringing together militaries from all over the world on the sports field. CISM now has 122 members that work together under the motto "Friendship through Sport".

Founder Nations - Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands



1948 - 1953 Commandant Henri DEBRUS (France)

1953 - 1956 Major Arne W. THORBURN (Sweden)

1956 - 1961 Colonel Henri DEBRUS (France)

1961 - 1967 Brigadier General Royal HATCH (U.S.A.)

1967 - 1968 Air Commander M.M. PIRACHA (Pakistan)

1968 - 1969 Amiral Fazio CASARI (Italy)

1969 - 1970 Major General Kenneth G. WICKHAM (U.S.A.)

1970 - 1979 Contre Amiral Aldo MASSARINI (Italy)

1979 - 1986 Général de Division Mohammed Saleh MOKADDEM (Tunisia)

1986 - 1994 Général de Division Jean DUGUET (France)

1994 - 1998 General Arthur ZECHNER (Austria)

 since  1998 Colonel Gianni GOLA (Italy)



1948 - 1953 Colonel Maurice CHOME (Belgium) - Secretary General Treasurer

1948 - 1953 Commandant Edmond PETIT (France) - Secretary of the Executive Committee

1953 - 1986 Chevalier Raoul MOLLET (Belgium)

1986 - 1989 Colonel Roland KESTELOOT (Belgium)

1989 - 1997 Lieutenant-Colonel François PILOT (Luxemburg)

1997 - 2001 Colonel Bernard HURST (Switzerland)

 since  2001 Colonel Robert EGGERMONT (Belgium)

Important Dates

1990 Adhesion of the member nations of the SKDA (Sport Military organisation for the member nations of the Warsaw Pact) after its disappearance.

1994 Official recognition of CISM by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

1995 First Military World Games (Rome, Italy, 6-15 September)

1998 50th Anniversary of CISM

1999 Second Military World Games (Zagreb, Croatia, 7-21 August)

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