In this section:

Military Pentathlon Regulations - Part A (General Regulations) Edition 2003 (pdf-file: 711 KB)

Military Pentathlon Regulations - Part B (Contest Regulations) Edition 2003 (pdf-file: 583 KB)

Military Pentathlon Identificaton Number (MilPIN)

Qualification List Men           (pdf-file; as of October 7th, 2004)

Qualification List Women     (pdf-file; as of October 7th, 2004)

Ranking List                            (Excel - file; as of November 10th, 2004)

CISM Regulations - Volume 1 (Statutes) Edition May 2003 (pdf-file: 34KB)

CISM Regulations - Volume 2 (Policy Manual) Edition May 2003 (pdf-file: 161KB)

CISM Regulations - Volume 3 (Procedures) Edition May 2003 (pdf-file: 120KB)

Training Guide for Obstacle Run (pdf-file: 1.981 KB)

Obstacle Course Requirements (pdf-file: 125 KB)

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