Newsletter March 2002

  1. 50th Military Pentathlon World Championship
    at Schaarsbergen, The Netherlands, 31 July – 9 August 2002
Military Pentathlon will be the first CISM sport to celebrate its 50th World Championship. Therefore the Netherland’s CISM delegation, the CISM General Secretariat and the Pres TC MilP have started an initiative to make this World Championship even more visible inside CISM and to the outside world of international sports. 
As it stands now following activities are under consideration:
  • exhibition about the development of MilP (logos, equipment used in the early days of MilP, regulations, photos...)
  • special brochure, video
  • invitation of former PTC Pres and members
  • invitation of former world champions
  • extended invitation to observers
  • presence of CISM leaders from the start of MilP till nowadays
  • special clinic devoted to females in MilP
  • first election of athletes speakers MilP
Delegations and the Military Pentathlon community as a whole are requested to assist especially through the provision of equipment and photos.

Point of contact is EInt Rob Jansen

Elias Beekman kazerne
Nieuwe kazernelaan 2
6711 JC Ede
Tel: +31 / 31 / 868 13 85 (office)
Fax: +31 / 31 / 868 13 29 (office)
Tel: +31 / 481 / 374 516 (home)
E-mail: [email protected]
  1. Military Pentathlon Regulations

    For 2002 the regulations Edition 2001 will be applied. The main issue for changes- qualification - has not been decided upon definitely. For this year's World Championship the special limit already set by the organiser will be applied.

  2. Election of MilP representative to the CISM Athletes Council

The election will take place at the World Championship at Schaarsbergen. Up to now only one candidature has been put forward: CB. 1 Juan Medina Huentupil from Chile.

Delegations are invited to nominate additional candidates.

  1. Provisional Calendar 2003

SUI Bremgarten
NED / BEL t.b.c.
TUR Ankara (European Championship)
SWE Kristinehamn (Nordic Championship)
AUT Wr. Neustadt
ESP Toledo (World Championship)

It is obvious that at least one additional medium size competition is be required urgently. Delegations are requested to put forward candidatures.

  1. Military Pentathlon Identification Number - MilPIN

    Delegations are reminded to forward names of MilP newcomer athletes (together with a copy of the passport or service pass, showing name and birth date) to 
    Col De Wulf
    Twee Leuwenstraat 8
    B- 3078 Everberg-Kortenberg
    Tel: +322 / 759 98 95
    Fax:+322 / 757 03 39
    Tel: +32 / 477 / 39 96 75 (mobile)
    E-mail: [email protected]
               [email protected]

    The MILPIN will then be forwarded to the respective delegation. Only a few teams sent an adapted list for 2002 to Col de Wulf, asking eventually for PIN's for their new athletes (DNC).

    MILPIN system:

    The "status"-system of the athletes in the "official-PIN-lists" has been changed by Col De Wulf slightly.

    Instead of having AINT (Active Internationals), OINT (Old Internationals), NCO (Newcomers) and NCX (all kind of former NCO), we'll have following categories :

    a. AINT (= Active INTernational): Active pentathletes having already been selected for and participated at a one ore more World- or Continental Championships (no change).
    b. FINT (= Former INTernational) : new status-name for OINT (Old International) because "former" seems better than "old".
    c. DNC (= Debutant NewComer) : new status-name for active newcomers.
    d. CINT (= Candidate INTernational) : a DNC who has reached 5000 pts (men), 4750 pts (women) and is not yet AINT, but still active.
    e. FNC (= Former NewComer) : DNC and CINT not active anymore


  2. Friendship through sport!

    Brig Gen PUCHER Johann


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