Newsletter January 2004

  1. Military Pentathlon - Development:

    Military Pentathlon has stabilised the number of participating nations at World Championships on a high level. In 2003 26 nations with male teams and 13 nations with female competitors participated.
    In addition to the qualified nations Thailand for the first time ever was permitted to participate with competitors as an observer country, bringing the participation number up to 28 different nations (26 nations with male teams plus Italy with females only and Thailand as participating observer).

    Additionally Morocco and Poland were present as observers.

    Progress may be reported from the Italian Pentathlon team: as it stands now Italy is about to return to Military Pentathlon with male competitors in 2004.

  2. Assistance:

    The TC Military Pentathlon is urgently requesting support for newcomer nations like Morocco. In addition Algeria and Albania have requested assistance.

    The President TC has approached the Italian and Spanish delegation in that respect already.

    Thailand needs also assistance.

    Germany is evaluating the possibility to provide air transport to the World Championship in Chile.

  3. Clinics:

    In 2004 Latvia and the United Arab Emirates (February) will host clinics. The Netherlands delegation, especially the TC member Capt Rob Jansen, is supporting both activities.

    The President TC has contacted the Delegation of the Arab Emirates to invite trainers from Lebanon, Algeria and Morocco.

  4. Elections:

     In 2004 the next election of the Military Pentathlon Athletes' Speakers will take place on the occasion of the 52nd World Championship to be held in Santiago/Chile. On the same occasion the election for the Military Pentathlon representative to the CISM Athletes� Council will be conducted.

  5. Calendar:

    See updated calendar 2004.

    At the European meeting of the Chiefs of Delegation in Copenhagen at 28 � 30 November the European calendar was established.

    The Croatian delegation has been contacted to organise a regional competition in May or June in Zagreb.

  6. Qualification lists:

     An updated qualification list is available at the MilPent webpage in REGULATIONS and DOWNLOADS.

  7. MILPIN inputs:

    Please see MILPIN Procedure in REGULATIONS.

    Please be reminded that you must apply for the MilPINs for your new international competitors.

  8. Military World Games 2007:

    INDIA has been entrusted to organise the 4th edition of the Military World Games in Haiderabad in 2007.

    It will be decided until May 2004 if MilPent will be included into the program. CISM has expressed its expectations that all "military sports" will be organised. If confirmed, the TC MilPent will need assistance with experts that could help India to build up a team and to prepare the organisation.

  9. Military Pentathlon Directory

    The latest version can be downloaded in the members section.

  10. CISM Strategic Planning Commission:

    At the last meeting of the CISM Board of Directors decided to

          enquire if BrigGen Jansen from RSA is available and prepared to continue with the lead the commission

          appoint the Pres TC MilPent as Deputy President of the commission to develop the CISM Strategic Plan 2003 � 2008 in co-operation with BrigGen Jansen and to

          forward a substantial draft for discussion at the next BOD meeting in Sofia, scheduled for March.


    Friendship through sport!

    Brig Gen PUCHER Johann


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