Newsletter April 2004

Competition in Zagreb confirmed (290404)

Yesterday I had personal contacts with the Croatian delegation.

They agreed to my proposal to invite up to 5 missions to their National Championship in Jastrebarsko/Zagreb.
It will not be considered as a Official Regional Championship.
Date: 20 - 24 September 2004.

They need the names of countries that wish to be invited until the end of May .

They also agreed to host a Regional Championship in June or second half of Sept 2005.
Number of nations to be worked out.

Brig Gen Johann Pucher
of the Technical Committee

Application for MilPIN (290404)

Notice is hereby given that up to now only the Netherlands, Austria and Germany have applied for new MilPINs (Military Pentathlon Identification Number) for their athletes.

Participation at international competitions will only be granted to athletes possessing a MilPIN.

Military Pentathlon Regulations in Portuguese

I would like to inform you that on the web site:

You can already find the manual of Military Pentathlon of 2003 in Portuguese.

Alberto Furtado DUAILIBE

Member of the Technical Committee - BRAZIL


Only recently Hartmut Nienaber informed that the competition in Munich is definitely cancelled for this year due to organisational problems.

STAALE JENSSEN (NORWAY) has retired from Pentathlon

LtCol Bj�rn STAALE JENSSEN (world record holder � shooting) has been posted to a NATO position and has retired from Military Pentathlon duties after many years as competitor and leader.

Col Per Victor NYGAARD has taken over the team leader position on 27 Nov 2003 and is the new POC in Norway.

Col NYGAARD, Per Victor
Norwegian Army High Readiness Force (FIST-H)
Pb 393
2403 Elverum

+47/62408001 (office)
+47/91336561 (mobile)
+47/62408011 (Fax)
+47/62952179 (home)
E-mail:  [email protected]


Upon returning from Madagascar I got some rather depressing news.
I was informed that we will no longer be able to host the
tournament during October due to the cost involved.

From my side I would like to apologise to all the
countries, but it is out of my hands. For our own athletes
it is just as bad, it would have been our only international
competition before the World Championship in Chile.

 Pentathlon greetings!

Col Johann Zietsman
Chief of Mission � South Africa
Member of the Technical Committee

Promotions and Appointments (010404)

BrigGen Pucher (AUT), President TC Military Pentathlon and Member of the CISM Board of Directors,
has been appointed new President of the CISM Planning Commission.

Colonel Gola (ITA), CISM President, was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General.

LtCol Pietro De Canio (ITA), patron of the Italian Military Pentathlon Team, was promoted to the
rank of Colonel


Due to many restrictions in our budget concerning military sports and CISM, the Belgian authorities have decided to NOT further consider the membership of Dirk VanHoof to the TC.

From now on, we only participate with a Belgian team to competitions outside of Europe if the quality of the team is very good and if there are chances to win a medal. For these reasons, Belgium is not going to participate to the Military Pentathlon World Championship in Chile.

I'm not happy with these restrictions but it is the only way to support furthermore our military teams.

Friendship through sport

The Belgium Delegation to CISM


I can report that MilP in Sweden now got money for 2004 so that they
can take part in the Nordics, in Munich, in South-Africa and in Chile!

I will as TC member still go to the European championship in Ankara,
but the team has to make other priorities, unfortunately.
I hope despite of many problems rising up continuously, that you and
your teams planning works as you wish.
The project about reducing military sports in the Swedish Armed Forces is not ready yet.
There will probably be taken a final decision this autumn.

Sweden will reduce from 15 sports to 8-10 remaining. Military Pentathlon will still be in our family.

Colonel Anders Emanuelson, the new Chief of the Swedish Military Pentathlon section, is the new POC in Sweden.

Col Anders Emanuelson

S�dra Sk�nska Regementet
S � 24782 S�dra Sandby
Tel: +46 / 46 / 368 000
E-mail: [email protected]

Best regards!

Lennart Ekl�f
Acting Chief of Delegation � Sweden
Member of the Technical Committee

CISM Cross-Country World Championship (050304)

Military Pentathletes participating at the CISM Cross-Country World Championship in Beirut (LEB)

ESP                 Martin               Trinidad
ESP                 Sacristan          Noelia
LAT                  Dauskane          Inga
NED                 Lievaart             Anouska
SWE                Nilsson             David
LAT                  Freimanis          Normunds
ESP                 Hernandez         Carlos
ESP                 Hidalgo             Miguel

News from Brazil (190104)

 This year as part of the calendar of the �Union Deportive Militar Sud-Americana� (UDMSA) there will be a South American Festival of cadets (competition of students between Navy, Army and Air Force) which is going to be the following sports:

Military Pentathlon, Track and Field, Sword - Play, Swimming and Shooting.

The competition is programmed to the Military Academy in Resende - RJ.

Participating countries will be: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador.

At the same occasion the Brazilian Military Pentathlon Championships will be held in Resende from 03 till 10 September.

Alberto Furtado Duailibe

Member of the Technical Committee

Changes in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands 7 sports will disappear in the military after this year; and next year another 5.

However I can tell you that we will survive with military pentathlon.

The brigade in Schaarsbergen is even interested to sponsor us.

Rob Jansen
Chief of Mission � the Netherlands
Member of the Technical Committee


At the moment in Italy there are 6 female athletes training in Lecce, and 3 male athletes training in Rome.

The planning for this year is to take part in the following competitions:

  1. Nordic -Skive (6 females);
  2. European - Ankara (4 females, 3 males);
  3. International -Lecce (6 females);
  4. International - Bloemfontain (4 females, 3 males);
  5. WC - Santiago (4 females, 2 males).

The international tournament in Lecce will be for females only (extended teams are allowed). It is expected to host not less than 40 athletes.

The competition will be held at the Scuola di Cavalleria between the 13th of September (day of arrival) and the 19th of September (day of departure).

 Alessandro Trono
Member of the Technical Committee



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