Newsletter May 2004

52. World Championship - Santiago CHILE  (190504)

Notice is hereby given that Chile has already implemented an official webpage for the forthcoming Word Championship held in November 2004.

The official e-mail to be used for correspondence is:

[email protected]

Competition in Zagreb confirmed (190504)

The Croatian delegation to CISM has confirmed to open their National Championship in Jastrebarsko/Zagreb for international participation also.
Date: 20 - 24 September 2004.
The competition is for men only.

For proper coordination the names of countries that wish to be invited have to be submitted to Lennart Ekl�f (SWE) until the end of May.

Up to now NOR, POL, ROM, SLO and SUI have expressed their wish to be invited.

Competition in Lecce (Italy) open for male participation also (190504)

Due to the difficult situation, because of the cancellation of the Munich and of the South Africa competitions, the Italian delegation and especially Capt TRONO have proposed to host also men in Lecce.

This proposal was warmly welcomed by the TC. However the capacity is limited and so the following agreement was set:

The competition is open for all countries with female teams and for countries with mixed teams (women and men). Male teams only can not be hosted.

 MilPIN Situation (190504)

It is reminded that participation at international competitions will only be granted to athletes possessing a MilPIN.

for further information click: MilPIN Information



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