Newsletter June 2004

Internal Information: (010604)

In the future all relevant news (like changes of calendar, contact possibilities, request for invitations, etc.) can be found at the official website only. The Military Pentathlon Teams are strongly requested to show a more proactive attitude.

It is impossible for the TC to �run after� each and every team to inform them on new developments.

Revised Competition Calendar: (010604)



21 � 23 May


(m, f)

22 � 23 May


(m) National Championship

18 � 24 June


(m, f) Nordic Championship

10 � 20 July

Ankara, TURKEY

(m, f) European Championship

1 � 7 August

Wr. Neustadt, AUSTRIA


13 � 18 September

Lecce, ITALY

(f, and mixed teams only;
male teams only will not be accepted)

20 � 24 September

Jastrebarsko, CROATIA


11 � 21 November

Santiago, CHILE

(m, f) World Championship

Elections: (010604)

In 2004 the next election of the Military Pentathlon athletes' speakers will take place on the occasion of the 52nd World Championship to be held in Santiago/Chile. On the same occasion the election for the Military Pentathlon representative to the CISM Athletes� Council will be conducted.

Countries are requested to bring forward their proposals not later than 15 Oct 2004.

FORMETAL � a new CISM partner (010604)

FORMETAL, an Italian company, has entered as a partner recently, following TECHNOGYM. FORMETAL is producing badges, stickers, cups, awards, certificates, medals, clothing, bags etc. specifically for CISM delegations. For possible contacts and orders see:

Clinics: (010604)

In 2004 Latvia and the United Arab Emirates (February) have already hosted clinics.

The Netherlands delegation, especially the TC member Capt Rob Jansen, has supported both activities.

Report on the Clinic in the UAE by Rob Jansen:

On February 27 Eric Hoek and I arrived back in Holland after a two weeks training course in Abu Dhabi.

The clinic was successful, however the level from the participants was not as high as we expected. All participants were trainers in different kinds of sport (e.g. football). But we think there is awareness in Military pentathlon and they learned a lot and were very enthusiastic. There were 23 participants from the UAE and 2 participants from Qatar. The duration was 5 days course, 2 days free and another 5 days course.

We treated 4 disciplines theoretically and practically (no cross-country). Beside we treated training general and how to train.

The head of the training directorate, our contact and all other authorised personnel did their best to make the course successful and tried to help us so much as possible.

The situation is as follows:

There is a good shooting range with all facilities for 300 meter.

The international obstacle course is not standardised but they can change that.

There are enough 50 meter swimming pools but no obstacles.

There are only 20 grenades which we gave to them.

In the policy plan, which we have established for them, we advise:

to buy as soon as possible 500 grenades

to buy obstacles for swimming

to build a new obstacle course or renew the old one (we will advise them)

We are really thinking that they want to participate in the future but there is still a long way to go. We promised to help them further on this way. They will start to organise a small competition with 4 disciplines this year. Next year when they have all facilities we will come back to help them to built on the team further.

I have asked Osman Fesci to invite two observers from the UAE for the European Championship this year in July. This is very important for the further development. I will give them company and explanation.

I already know which two people will come and that are serious people.

Finally, Eric and I had a great time and got new friends. We have seen very much and learned something about their culture. The people were very helpful and kindly.

Only time will learn if they will build up a team or not.

A short report from the training course in Riga, Latvia (15 � 23 April) by Rob Jansen

In contrast with the training course in Abu Dhabi, we had experienced athletes in the course. That is very nice and grateful because of the response from all athletes.

The trainers were Eric Hoek and Jeroen Kuiper (both trainers Military Pentathlon and sport instructor in the Dutch army)

The participants were:

Estonia:                   8 athletes                  1 trainer               1 team captain

Lithuania:                 7 athletes                                             1 team captain

Latvia:                    16 athletes                  1 trainer               1 team captain

Poland:                                                    1 trainer               1 team captain

The Latvian delegation, especially Liene Rozenberga, did their best to make the course successful.

The trainers had a very good feeling about the whole course and were very enthusiastic.


INDIA has been entrusted to organise the 4th edition of the Military World Games in Hyderabad from 14th till 21st October 2007.

It has been confirmed that Military Pentathlon will be part of the MWG program. It is planned to organise a major competition in Hyderabad in 2006. Organisers of next year�s major championships are requested to offer India the possibility to observe and participate, if so requested.

India will certainly appreciate assistance regarding the building up of their team and organisational expertise.

Point of Contact:

Wing Commander M BALADITYA

Armed Forces Headquarter

G. Block, Room 97

110011 NEW DELHI

Phone: 0091 11 230 111 18

Fax: 0091 11 23793769

e-mail: [email protected]

Training Course in Munich, Germany (010604)

An international training course will take place in Munich in the beginning of September.

European Cup 2004 (010604)

The following competitions will be counted (the best 3 out of 4):

Men:                                                                                   Women:

Skive, DENMARK                                                                Skive, DENMARK

Ankara, TURKEY                                                                 Ankara, TURKEY

Wr. Neustadt, AUSTRIA                                                       Lecce, ITALY

Santiago, CHILE                                                                  Santiago, CHILE

European Championship ANKARA

Date: 11. � 20. July

The invitation has already been sent out respectively can be found here.

National Championship in Switzerland (010604)

On May 22nd and 23rd the Swiss National Championships took place in Bremgarten. A total of 13 competitors from Switzerland and also from Germany were present.

Winner in the overall classification was Andrej Sonnenberg, a new athlete from Germany, with a total of 5185,2 pts. Runner-up was Adrian Zehnder followed by Max Braunschweiger (both SUI).

The competition was carried out by only a lean organisation and proved to be a big success. This type of competition seems to be a role model for the future. No unnecessary organisational burden allowed a quick and also cheap competition, which was very much welcomed by the athletes. A similar competition of the same type is carried out regularly by Norway, the Mayflower-Cup, amongst the Nordic Countries.


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