Newsletter November 2004

World Championship 2004 - Santiago (CHILE) (281004)

at the moment there are no technical information (number of shooting lanes, obstacle track, details for cross country, etc)  available, though we have asked several times. Unfortunately no reaction.

It is to be expected that the number of participating countries could reach approx. 30 countries.

Notice is hereby given that Chile has already implemented a webpage for the Word Championship.

It is reminded that participating countries should register, additionally to the final entries, at the webpage also.

Athlete's Speaker - Military Pentathlon (281004)

At the forthcoming World Championships to be held in Chile a new election for the Military Pentathlon Athlete's Speakers will take place.

Military Pentathlon Regulations Part A, par. 22:

The responsibility of the athletes´┐Ż speakers (for male and female competitors one representative each) is to represent the competitors and to put forward suggestions and precise proposals on behalf of them. This may be done through the President TC MilP whenever deemed necessary and at the occasion of the annual TC restricted meeting at the World Championship, where a part of the meeting will be reserved for the athletes´┐Ż speakers. They also may participate at the TC enlarged meeting. The purpose is to better include the competitors in the further development of Military Pentathlon.

Generally each athlete is eligible. An official nomination by the respective CISM delegation is not required. The term of office is 2 years and may be renewed, subject to the result of the biannual elections by secret ballot at the World Championship. In case a speaker has to terminate the term of office the post will be left vacant until the next regular election.

Brian Daasbjerg (DEN) will not be candidate for this years election. Until now no nominees are known to the TC. Athletes who are interested in being candidate, should inform the Pres TC ([email protected])


Liene Rozenberga (LAT) will also not candidate for the election.

Up to now only Renate van der Hoek (NED) has announced her candidature. Other interested females should bring forward their candidature prior to the World Championship.

Calendar Planning  2005 (281004)

The TC Military Pentathlon is at the moment establishing the competition calendar for the next season.

The following competitions are planned. Further details will be announced as soon as available.

  • Riga, LATVIA

  • Oslo, NORWAY

  • Holstebro, DENMARK

  • Tallinn, ESTONIA

  • Vilnius, LITHUANIA

  • Rena, NORWAY - Nordic Championship

  • Jastrebarsko, CROATIA

  • Lecce, ITALY - European Championship (women), t.b.c.

  • Munich, GERMANY

  • Wr. Neustadt, AUSTRIA

The Turkish Delegation to CISM has withdrawn their candidature for the World Championships 2005.

Austria is evaluating the possibility to shift its planned World Championships from 2006 to 2005.

In case Austria is not able to host the World Championships, this would mean that only for the third time since 1950 no World Championships would be organised. Until now primarily due to political crises the Championships were cancelled. For the last time during the Falkland-war in 1982 no Championship took place.

In case that no World Championship is organised, some countries primarily outside Europe will face a very difficult situation, since these countries usually compete internationally only during the World Championships. There is an enormous danger, that some countries could leave the "pentathlon family" for good.

But also for the European Countries the sense of Military Pentathlon, supported by their Armies, might be questioned, in case there are no major Championships organised (in 2005 no European Championships are planned up to now)


The TC Military Pentathlon was successful in finding candidates for the World Championship 2006.

TC Military Pentathlon: (281004)

The president of the TC, Brig Gen Pucher (Austria) has left his post in Croatia after 2 years and has returnend to Austria.

For the time being he can be contacted under the following address:

BrigGen Pucher Johann
Burgplatz 1/5
A-2700 Wiener Neustadt
Tel.: +43 650 60 64 600 (mobile)
E-mail: [email protected]


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