Presentation of the Military Pentathlon

The Military Pentathlon has its origin in military training. The top priority was the challenge of producing effective fighters with new training methods.

Changing the regulations and improving the competition sites and the equipment, has resulted in a type of sport that does not need to fear competition with civilian polyathletic competitions. Considering the many-sided demands made on the competitors, the Military Pentathlon is without doubt a prominent one amongst polyathletic competitions. It is comparable with the Decathlon, the Modern Pentathlon or the Triathlon.


The five original disciplines of Military Pentathlon for individual and team classification are:

In 1995, an additional Military Pentathlon competition for teams was introduced:

  • Obstacle Relay (4 male competitors respectively 3 females of one nation are running part of the obstacle course against another nation; the winning team moves to the next round in a knock out system).


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