Newsletter June 2002

  1. Military Pentathlon Regulations – Amendments 2002
    The substantial changes can be found in the "Regulations Section"
  2. 50th Military Pentathlon World Championship
    at Schaarsbergen, The Netherlands, 31 July – 9 August 2002
Please reply to the invitation in time!

Qualification: Delegations are reminded of the limits for all competitors: 
4600 points for male, 4350 points for female competitors.
A list of the competitors, who have already qualified, is displayed i
n the "Regulations Section" and will be sent out to delegations.

As requested in the last President’s News please get in contact with Capt Rob Jansen if you are prepared to contribute to the exhibition planned (see last President Newsletter).

Point of contact is Capt Rob Jansen

Organiser WC 2002 Military Pentathlon
Kamp Koningsweg Noord
Koningsweg 23 A
6816 TD Schaarsbergen
The Netherlands
Tel:    + 31 / 26 / 353 3630
Fax:   + 31 / 26 / 353 3631
Tel:    + 31 / 6 2366 3060 (mobile)
Tel:    + 31 / 481 / 374 516  (home)
Tel:     + 31 / 6 2277 5537  (mobile private)
E-mail: [email protected]

  1. Election of Military Pentathlon representative to the CISM Athletes Council

The election will take place at the World Championship at Schaarsbergen. Up to now only one candidature has been put forward: CB. 1 Juan Medina Huentupil from Chile.

Delegations are invited to nominate additional candidatures.

  1. Election of Athletes’ Speakers Military Pentathlon 

Please be reminded that the election will take place in Schaarsbergen. 
Election method see CISM Policy Manual Art 6.10.

  1. Provisional Calendar 2003

SUI Bremgarten
NED / BEL t.b.c.
TUR Ankara (European Championship)
SWE Kristinehamn (Nordic Championship) 9. - 14 June 
AUT Wr. Neustadt
ESP Toledo (World Championship)

There is still a need for 1-2 additional Regional Championships for male and in particular female competitors. Delegations are requested to put forward candidatures. 

  1. Future Military Pentathlon World Championships

The 3rd Military World Games will be organised in Italy. However, the 51st Military Pentathlon World Championship will be hosted by Spain in TOLEDO.

The 52nd  Military Pentathlon World Championship were confirmed by Chile, date probably late September or beginning of October 2004.

The 53rd Military Pentathlon World Championship 2005 will take place in Turkey, ANKARA.
The same year Venezuela is planning to host “transcontinental” competitions with the participation of some/the best teams from other continents.

  1. European Cup 2002

men: Bremgarten, Lahti, Wr Neustadt, Schaarsbergen. The 3 best results out of the 4 competitions will be counted.
women: Riga, Lahti, Schaarsbergen. All results will be counted.

  1. Military Pentathlon Directory

The latest version can be downloaded in the members section.

  1. Active/non active Military Pentathlon nations

a list will be found in the www section soon.

We soon may see new nations participating in Military Pentathlon: 
Botswana; Lesotho; Namibia; Poland; 
Egypt and Algeria will return to the Pentathlon "familiy"

  1. Visa requirements, weapon transport

    Delegations are reminded to apply for the relevant documents in time! 
    A “Shengen Visa” for the European Union needs approx. 4 weeks lead time. 
    Keep yourself informed about the IATA transport requirements for weapons and ammunition not to be surprised the last moment.

  2. Training assistance

At the General Assembly the President TC was contacted by some Chiefs of Delegation interested in Military Pentathlon. It would be extremely helpful to have some experienced trainers earmarked that could be drawn upon, if required. Details need of course be agreed upon case by case.

  1. Military Pentathlon Identification Number - MilPIN

    Delegations are reminded to forward names of Military Pentathlon newcomer athletes (together with a copy of the passport or service pass, showing name and birth date) to 
    Col De Wulf
    Twee Leuwenstraat 8
    B- 3078 Everberg-Kortenberg
    Tel: +322 / 759 98 95
    Fax:+322 / 757 03 39
    Tel: +32 / 477 / 39 96 75 (mobile)
    E-mail: [email protected]
               [email protected]

    The MilPIN will then be forwarded to the respective delegation. Only a few teams sent an adapted list for 2002 to Col De Wulf, asking eventually for PIN's for their new athletes.

  1. Check-in procedure – starting lists

A new and standardised “Check-in form” is available in the "Regulations Section".
The "Check-in form" is part of the regulations!

Delegations/missions are requested urgently to stick to the procedures:
a) applying for MilPINs for new athletes
b) send preliminary and final entries in time
c) use the MilPIN names exactly in the final entries


    Friendship through sport!

    Brig Gen PUCHER Johann


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